Reimagining Careers & Space

A popular studio with Hospitality and Real Estate Executives. Remote work, the corner office, spatiality, business versus leisure getaways, are all part of the grand reset. How may we redesign and make sense of our careers as we negotiate the new order? The studio is thought provoking as it provides a forum to create and test ideas--sense-making for what we may revisit and what may be best re-imagined. The entwined paths of reimagining careers and space provide the perfect opening for an informed and interactive discourse.

What do the Studios provide?

Improved Environment

There is an old saying—when you try to be innovative in the same environment, all you make is a better mousetrap. By creating a new encounter for ideas and expression, we create new grounds for creativity, reflection and discovery.

better networking

Participants in the studios have the opportunity to reflect, share, seek feedback and learn from each other’s experiences, as they form new relationships.

deliberate dialog

The carefully crafted, thinking/making nature of each studio, distinguishes it from a salon/chat or networking event. The approach allows for depth and dimension within a relatively short interface of 2 hours.

interactive experience

The interactivity at the Executive Design Studio is neither served by a webinar nor an online course. We offer an intervention that takes into account busy lives and financial constraints. A window to exercise creativity in diverse, interactive groups

Upcoming Sessions

Monday & Tuesday

Reimagining Careers and Space

6:00PM - 8:00PM PST
Max participants:
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