Thank You for Considering Our Community

Whitecube Business Events is a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, executives, academics and creatives from various geographies and disciplines.  We are a global community that strives to enable creative thinking, innovation and relationship building through carefully curated business events.  

We invite you to join our community.  We only accept 50,000 subscribers in any given year as we endeavour to actively engage with at least half this population.  We charge a $5 registration fee as a special opening rate. 

We offer our registered subscribers the opportunity to attend our sponsored events for free.  We would welcome your contributions to our bimonthly newsletter.  Your works would be selected at the discretion of our Editorial Team.  Such contributions would belong in either of the three  sections outlined in our newsletter:  Original Ideas, this could be an idea waiting to happen or one already enacted, you could tap into your imagination and let it fly!  Most Influential Concept, a story of how you may have influenced change within a community, with colleagues or in your family and so on.  Stories of Human Interest, family, community, animals, nature, a vacation or an encounter, sky's the limit on possibilities!  We do not restrict or cramp your style, you could use a medium of your choice--an article, a drawing, film, craft, photograph, whatever medium is most expressive of your idea or story would be welcome.  Every year we announce THREE winners and a few consolation prizes from each of the three categories.  Our excellent panel of judges makes the selection of the best contributions and winners.  

Whitecube Business Events has deep roots in the cultural hubs of Los Angeles and New York.  Should you wish to have any of your works critiqued or wish to seek some valuable feedback, we could assist with connecting you to an expert for an additional fee, based on the scope of work.  You could write to us at, to learn more.

Protecting your Intellectual Property and Copyright is important to us.  As a result, all contributions to our newsletter would need to be licensed by Creative Commons.  The following links provide all information regarding the licensing and guidelines for this process.    

We are most excited to get to know you and can’t wait to welcome you on our platform.  Please write in to for any further clarifications.