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Whitecube Business Events are designed to foster business relationships through thoughtfully curated experiences.  We provide a neutral, well appointed shell for businesses to create their own meaning. The underlying creativity enables businesses to expand their influence when engaging with their teams, partners, community or other professionals. 

Whitecube Business Events offers 5 event streams:  Whitecube Executive Design Studio, Whitecube Kintsugi, Whitecube on a Terrace, Whitecube Crossings and Moonshot Moments by Whitecube.  

Whitecube Business Events LLC, is led by the Founder, Romasha Nath, who is backed by a cadre of impressive equity partners and a talented young team.  To find out more about our events, please contact info@whitecubebiz.com

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Whitecube Crossings

Whitecube Crossings is a structured program that is styled for international businesses entering the United States. The design reflects cultural fluency, delicacy and community involvement.  The program reduces challenges and enables international businesses to seamlessly enter the United States market.   

Moonshot Moments by Whitecube

Moonshot Moments by Whitecube are events that assist businesses with their moments of celebration, such as product or brand launches, fundraising, special announcements etc.  These events are reflective of how businesses have worked hard to arrive at their destination.  

Whitecube on a Terrace

These events are especially designed for small to mid-sized business conferences held in beautifully framed terraces. 

Whitecube Kintsugi

Our event design facilitates dialogue that nurtures, mends and builds. The uniquely detailed Kintsugi encounters are set for building beautiful relationships. 

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Whitecube Business Events, LLC

The event architecture borrows from galleries and museums bringing attention to the art of conversation without any overbearing ideology, story or message.  Instead, providing a well designed vessel with careful attention to detail, for businesses to effectively convey their purpose.  

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